Some of you might have already read about this on Facebook or the Tactical Command forums, but here we go:


The small but beautiful range of gothic starships from the battlegroup helios range formerly available from our friends down south have been purchased by vanguard miniatures and will be in store very soon. The models will remain under the battlegroup helios label and all the other ships from vanguard will port over to this label as well and I hope to continue to expand both the hellian fleet and the other faction fleets over time.

I must thank Aaron and Zac for the opportunity to own these wonderful ships appreciated guys, and i'd like to wish them all the best in their future endeavours.
Statement from Aaron and Zac from Battlegroup Helios:
Hey folks,
As you've probably noticed it's been quiet around here lately. Both Zac and I have seen our lives get busier over the last year and it's left us with dramatically less time to devote to BGH. The result is the development of the Terrans have stalled and restocking has been intermittent. That's not really fair to all of you who've supported us and so we've decided that it was time for us to pass the BGH torch. For the past month we've been working with John at Vanguard and starting today, Battlegroup Helios will become part of the Vanguard Miniatures family. We trust you'll give him the same support you've give us. Check them out at
Thanks and see you among the stars!
Aaron and Zac