Hello Warseer!

Myself and my friends have recently gotten into Kill Team, which suits me just fine, as I canít seem to finish a full 40K army to save my life.

As a loyal servant of the Emperor, I opted for an Astra Militarum kill team consisting of a hybrid of Scions and regular Guardsman. Research suggested having this flexibility was the best way to have a competitive team by allowing both multiple boots on the ground to secure objectives, as well as lots of weapons options across the board. Pleasingly, this setup also allowed me to field a diverse set of miniatures predicated upon a single regimental theme: Praetorians.

The Roars of Dawn are a Praetorian kill team themed around British Army and Colonial units involved in the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879, as well as featuring a couple of Indian Army units for flavour. Each miniature will represent a particular real-world unit, and be painted in a manner which reflects its uniform, insignia, and heraldry as much as possible. Iíve also tried to make the equipment as Victorian/steampunky as possible, with lots of wood, brass, and copper. For example, here are the first three minis Iíve completed so far with comparison pics:

Guardsman Gunner with Sniper Rifle (60th Kings Royal Corps)
Guardsman with Vox Caster (Natal Mounted Police) [COMMS or MEDIC SPECIALIST]
Scion Gunner with Hot Shot Volley Gun (Royal Artillery) [HEAVY SPECIALIST]

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As you can see, Iíve attempted to replicate the colours of the uniforms, regimental facings, and equipment webbing as much as possible. Despite my freehand skills (and eyesight) deteriorating over the last several years, Iíve attempted the unit insignia and numbers as much as possible. However, Iím also trying new techniques (such as heat stain on gun barrels), and more ambitious kit bashing and conversions.

Hereís my full ďall-comersĒ 100 point kill team:

Tempestor with Hot Shot Laspistol and Power sword (24th Regiment) [LEADER SPECIALIST]

Scion Gunner with Hot Shot Volley Gun (Royal Artillery) [HEAVY SPECIALIST]

Scion Gunner with Plasma Gun (Royal Engineers) [SNIPER SPECIALIST]

Scion Gunner with Plasma Gun (91st Highlanders)

Guardsman with Vox Caster (Natal Mounted Police) [COMMS or MEDIC SPECIALIST]

Scion with Hot Shot Lasgun (4th Kingís Own Regiment)

Scion with Hot Shot Lasgun (3rd East Kent Regiment)

Guardsman Gunner with Sniper Rifle (60th Kings Royal Corps)

Guardsman Gunner with Flamer (14th King George's Own Ferozepore Sikhs)
Guardsman Gunner with Grenade Launcher (Bombay Grenadiers)

The idea is that I have enough models to create two mobile/offensive fire teams, and also have the guys with the sniper rifle and grenade launcher able to camp nearby objectives in the rear and still be able to shoot at targets of opportunity. However, Iíll be honest. Iím a lot better at painting models than I am actually playing with them (Iíve been proxying my WW1 themed Guard on the board), and my last few games have been embarrassing; I either get tabled by turn 4 or lose by victory points in the double digits. As a consequence, Iíd really appreciate some tactical advice and constructive criticism from you guys as well as any painting tips (my opponents include Tyranids, Word Bearers Astartes and Cultists, Death Guard, Admech, and will soon include Astartes and Deathwatch).

For example, in my last game against ĎNids, my opponentís Veteran specialist Genestealer managed to get a first turn charge, killed my leader in the second turn, and then simply rolled-up most of the rest of my team in close combat whilst simultaneously holding 3 out of the 5 objectives (although, I didnít help the matter by deploying a bit too far forward in order to grab the objective in the middle of the board). As a consequence, Iím looking to make an exosuit on tracks to proxy as a Bullgryn to at least offer a counter in close combat. Iím also having difficulty striking a balance between turtling in a corner and being a bit too aggressive. In another game last night I did badly against Word Bearers Astartes and Cultists (I again got charged and rolled-up), and I would have fared even worse were it not for my opponentís abysmal dice rolls.

Thanks for time Ė if people are interested, Iíll update this post with how I paint - I use a combination of Citadel and Coat de Arms paints.