Seeing as the Tyranids tried to wipe out these stout warriors , but failed... and then Photobucket tried again, but failed:

... the Dwarfs of Inso's Reach, have banded together again and will be reborn in a new topic with no Photobucket placeholders. This will effectively be a topic with completed (sculpting/converting wise) units, rather than being filled with WIP posts.

The WIP aspects of this project will be posted over at:

As it stands, the Army is composed of two main detachments; One from Astra Militarum and one from Adeptus Astartes. The upper, elite leadership (which includes Exo Squats and Hearthguard) will be made up of 'counts as' Adeptus Astartes units and the rest of the army will made up of 'counts as' Astra Militarum units.

This army will not be an 8th edition WH40K, army because I won't be buying the rules or codexes for 8th edition. It will be geared towards the rules and organisation of 7th edition.

The Exo units of the Dwarfs of Inso's Reach are the highest level of warrior that the army has. The leader and his captain are joined by a host of Exo armoured warriors as they take to the field. These 'count as' a Chapter Master, Captain Lysander and a Terminator squad (From the Adeptus Astartes codex):

The main components for these are Bodies from Mantic Forge Guard ( ), chain-blades from Anvil Industry ( ), a head from Statuesque Miniatures ( ) and some GW terminator weapons.

Here is a scale comparison with a space marine and a squat:

At the moment, I don't have any finished Hearthguard units but they will be made up of 'counts as' Scouts from the Astartes codex.