Hi everyone, some might know me from previous painting logs, I tend not to post on here a lot but keep abreast of all the news and painting logs. This log intends to chart the progress of five new heresy era armies from our gaming club (Section 8 Games). We meet weekly in South Shields which is in North East England.

The log will consist of five participants each doing a legion each, these legions are as follows:

Stonedrose- Iron Hands
Azala- Space Wolves
Abenormal- Salamanders
Micky-jay- Emperor's Children
Daveco2100- Night Lords

Rules are pretty simple;

1. The aim is to paint a 2000pt heresy army in 12 months, more can be done if so desired. We've set this total as armies tend to be around 3000pts, if we all do 2000, then adding a Lord of war choice will get us all close.

2. The strict target is 500pts per quarter, ideally at a rate of about 150pts per month.

3. Participants have 2 jokers over the 12 months

4. Photographs should be mandatory for completed figures.

So, I leave it there for everyone to introduce their own part, month one begins in November, but for those who are keen earlier starts are ok. any comments and constructivbe criticism are more than welcome. The main point of the log is to give us all some impetous to finish, so encouragement is good too!