I've owned a copy of Space Hulk for 3-4 years now. It was a, very generous, gift from my girlfriend. It was shortly before my birthday when GW announced it would be released on a limited edition basis, and I had decided that I was buying a copy one way or another. So my girlfriend offered to pay for it - and then she didn't have to worry about searching for something else!

We've played several games over the years, but I've never quite got around to painting up the models thanks to other projects (see my signature for other plogs).

That is until now...

A Genestealer bursting onto the scene seemed appropriate to open up a new plog

Unlike my other projects, I'm not attempting to do anything original with these models. I really like the classic Genestealer / Blood Angel paint schemes and I've studied the various GW (and independent) painting guides on how to achieve the look. Suffice to say that I'm following them - with very minor tweaks where I feel confident enough to stray from the path.

My plan is to start with 5-6 Genestealers before moving on to any of the Terminators. Although in reality, as it takes me about 20 mins to apply edge highlights on the blue carapace, I'll likely be painting each model individually rather than the usual batches of 5/10 models.

Hopefully this will be a relatively short project (6 years on my Skaven so far and still only 1/2 way!). So now I'm off to get back to painting up the next Genestealer....