Photobucket Block and Solution

So by now, you have all noticed the image block placed on Photobucket hosted images...which to put it bluntly makes your hard work in posting your PLOGs feel a bit of a waste. Fear not there is a way to get your images back up.

Saving/recovering your own pictures is quite straightforward (and fairly quick rather than trying to save each one individually). Log-in to your Photobucket Account and visit each Folder (including your main page which is a folder on it's own) and on the right hand side of your page there is this list:

Download your whole folder and then you have your image on your hard drive again and either move the images to another hosting site or use the upload function in the forum. You can do that my "Edit Post" at the bottom of each post and then select "Go Advanced" and from the menu above your post select the "Insert Image" icon (that is the little picture with the tree on it) and upload your image.

Special Thanks to member Karak Norn Clansman who provided this information and the image.


Captain Brown