After a few weeks of staring at websites and army lists I made the first leap to building a rather different army for Bolt Action.

Playing Vichy French. In bolt action etc.
Pros- small scale, multiple locations, flexible use, interesting figures.
Cons- small range, no/ little armour.

France went to war in 1939 a nation traumatised by the previous war. Millions killed, millions more maimed in body and mind, vast swathes of France destroyed or made barren through the poison of war.
The war fractured French society. Communists and fascists, monarchists and Buonapartists jousted in their opposition to the 3rd Republic.
When the Germans invaded in May 1940 France was quickly abandoned by its ally, it's disordered and scattered forces were quickly overcome. Then two stabs in the back! First, Mussolini invades Southern France then the British Navy attacks the French fleet at Mers-el-kebir.
France was defeated. peace was signed by its legitimate government which prevented German occupation of the bulk of the country and Empire.
Only a few traitors sided with Perfidious Albion against France.
French Army forces around the world are under threat and determined to prove that France's armies still know how to fight!

Usually, I buy everything one one big splurge of cash. And am presented with a mountain of plastic and metal. Sometimes I plough through and complete the project. More often I become daunted,or quickly find it a chore to paint or base etc. Rushing painting I'd looked forward to, or not enjoying the experience.
This time it will be different. Small purchases, each completed before the next is bought. (At least, that is the plan)
To this end I ordered 3 packs of Perry Vichy French: riflemen advancing, riflemen skirmishing, lmgs. Together they will give me two squads of 8 and a two man junior officer and assistant.

The plan, as it stands, is to add further riflemen squads using the senaglese and foreign legion figures from Perry and HMG mortar and Artillary models. If all goes well then Warlords upcoming plastic Char b will be my big bad armoured fist.