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Thread: And so it begins... Sureshot05's plog of everything.

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    And so it begins... Sureshot05's plog of everything.

    I've finally decided to get a plog together after years of considering whether to or not. I have a condition that causes my hands to shake and I've been painting for twenty odd years as a method of coping with it. It is not severe as some, but it is always a pain when it happens! So, less of the sob story and on with the plog goodness (I hope). Before I start, I'd like to offer a toast to the many other ploggers in this and other forums who have over the last five years really inspired me with my painting and I hope this small tribute pays you back in kind.

    I collect and paint the following armies in no particular order:

    Warhammer 40K.
    Chaos Marines*
    Chaos Daemons
    Imperial Guard

    Warhammer Fantasy
    Night Goblins
    Chaos Daemons

    Space Marines
    Imperial Guard
    Adeptus Titanicus

    Battlefleet Gothic
    Imperial Fleet
    Chaos Fleet

    *Two themes, Thousand sons (my first love) and Return to Terra, the combined horde that contains all the legions that will fight at the end of days.

    And I am partial to a good model from any company when it ticks one of my happy boxes.

    In addition, my family all paint with me and they will feature occasionally. My fiance paints Tomb Kings and Dark Eldar and my 8 year old daughter paints Lizardmen (of which I am very proud!).

    I am also a scientist and have developed some very amusing spreadsheets which will be included in this plog for your general amusement.
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    Warhammer Armies: Empire, Night Goblins, Dwarves, Daemons of Chaos
    40K Armies: Chaos, Imperial Guard, Ultramarines, Chaos Daemons, Tyranids, Tau
    Epic Armies: Imperial Guard, Ultramarines, Orks, Adeptus Titanicus.
    BFG Forces: Imperial Navy, Chaos.
    See them all here:

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