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Thread: On Ogre Leadbelcher Cannons & Chaos Dwarfs

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    Re: On Ogre Leadbelcher Cannons & Chaos Dwarfs

    I liked Boneripper's Safety Valve rule from 6th Edition, which stated that the artificial Rat Ogre could never attack Clan Skryre, his makers, in any way. Not that it ever came into play or something I guess, but so fluffy! For once Clan Skryre made sure their creation won't backfire! For the first and last time in the history of the Warhammer world.

    As for the cannons, I cannot see many coming from the Skaven. Skaven aren't traders like Chaos Dwarves, they regard all other species (and indeed all members of their own species) as enemies. A Cannon is a powerful asset in the constant struggle for dominance and any lesser Clan will be unwilling to give such a trump card away.

    As for Warp Lightning Cannons, it is made clear that only Clan Skryre knows how to make them and thus has a monopoly on them. They make a good amount of money by selling their tools, but they are rather picky about whom they sell it. They would never allow a strong rival to get ahold of too many Cannons. This is not a problem with Ogres, of course, but their preferred method of payment is Warpstone, which Ogres are unlikely to have in great number. Maybe they would accept valuable Ogre Slaves as payment, but the price would be so steep that the Tyrant would have to sign over half his tribe, or more, for just one WLC. This would weaken him substantially, so only the most stupid Tyrants would accept such a deal. Remember, when haggling with Skaven you can only lose.
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