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"Fiddle de dum, fiddle de dee, Mother One-Eye is after me" ~Folk song popular among the children of Mercy

For almost eight centuries has Mercy stood as the last bastion of civilisation in the lawless expanse of the Nomad Stars to the galactic south of the Carthax Sector. For almost eight centuries has unimaginable wealth flowed into the sector through an opening in the Great Warp Storms that separated the two regions of space. For almost eight centuries has a mysterious creature known as Old Mother One-Eye been part of the nursery rhymes sung by the children of Mercy, the resident mystic that wise captains would consult before venturing deep into the Nomads, and the monster in the depths that even the wealthiest Rogue Trader or hardened Inquisitor would think twice about awakening.

Until now.

The Great Warp Storms are boiling over. The opening between the Nomad Stars and the Carthax Sector is threatening to collapse. Unnatural forces are at work to seal the only safe passageway.

The pampered elite of Carthax dismiss such claims as idle rumour-mongering, but the Inquisition knows the uncomfortable truth. Millions of industries rely on the raw wealth flowing from that section of space and produced some of the greatest technological discoveries by the Sector's finest Explorators. Worse, should the portal collapse and the warp storms expand, war efforts on the fringes of the sector will become isolated - the Alien and the Heretic will be free to strike at the heart of the Sector while the Navy is stranded. Death, disease and destruction will sweep through Carthax.

There is hope - your investigations and contacts all point to a singular entity: Old Mother One-Eye. Its motives for such wanton destruction after eight centuries of existence are unclear, but the consequences of inaction are apparent. Old Mother One-Eye must be stopped.

Mother of Mercy is a one-day 54mm Inquisitor Open Event that will be hosted at Warhammer World in Nottingham. It will follow a familiar schedule to those used to Inquisitor events, with two small games followed by a finale.

Throughout the day you will be gathering evidence and resources to aid you in your ultimate goal - to confront Mother One-Eye and stop it (or help it, if you're heretically inclined...) from carving the Carthax Sector apart.

It will be an Open Event - anyone with or without models will be welcome and catered for. I will be bringing along numerous, accessible warbands so anyone interested in Inquisitor (or is merely passing by a table on the day!) can pick up and play with no prior knowledge whatsoever.

The full briefing will be on its way in the next few weeks, for now I'm just fishing for a date!

Please fill out this Doodle so I have a good idea as to when to host it!

I'll be picking a date with the most number of people available, but the close it gets to the desired date the less likely I am to get tables at Warhammer World.

If you think you might be a 'maybe', could you tick yourself as available please? Doodle doesn't have a 'maybe' function, and it's easier for me to plan if maybes are registered as a green tick, and only mark yourself as unavailable if you're 100% not available. I'll do my best to incorporate as many people as I can.

The full discussion is going on over at The Conclave.