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    Chaos by Give_me_a_d

    A few of you reading this might remember that before pledging myself to the Greater Good I was an arch heretic in thrall to the powers of Chaos and in particular Nurgle. With the advent of a new edition of WH40K and Chaos and specifically Death Guard getting serious attention from GW I thought I would start up a new thread and return to my dark past.

    First of all a bit of a 'way back machine' recap of my previous work. In the early days I painted a lot of Plaguebearers but also some other stuff. Here is a photo from those early days:

    More recently I branched out into chaos space marines, starting with some 1Ksons and a Defiler in addition to more daemons:

    Before breaking off to serve the Greater Good I did more CSM, including Death Guard and Warp Talons, and daemons including Plague Drones:

    However, this isn't meant to be a nostalgia trip. What I will post here will include the Death Guard from Dark Imperium and whatever disgusting new releases there are on the horizon as well as anything from a huge backlog of grey plastic and dull coloured metal (yes, it goes that far back) that takes my fancy. I may even revisit some of my previous work to see if I can improve on what I did 5+ years ago.Attachment 232213
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