A no pictures post just to update on whats been happening for me hobby wise.

I've been making a few purchases over the Christmas/ New Year period. First up was Wrath and Rapture that I pre-ordered as soon as I could. While I fully expect that the daemonettes and bloodletters will be still on their sprues this time next year I want to get stuck into the flesh hounds quite soon. Next I got the Death Guard battle force, which was just too good to pass up. I don't think I would have got the terminators or plagueburst crawler otherwise. Finally in the last few days I discovered that WHSmiths in town is still stocking WH40K Conquest and would you believe that the current issue had Lord Felthius and the easy build terminators! I bought the 2 copies they had. Other than getting a few paints before GW's price rise I think that had better do me on purchases for a while.