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Thread: Fantasy Lexicanum Needs Your Help

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    Fantasy Lexicanum Needs Your Help

    As you may know the fantasy side of the Lexicanum as a lack of editors. This has lead it to become outdated, especially with the stream of releases from Age of Sigmar. We are now trying to recruit more editors to get it up-to-date and possibly future administrators to administer the wiki. We would like to invite you to register and start editing as soon as possible.

    When registering make sure you write a short background of yourself. It doesn't need to be something complex, just from which country you are from and what you would like to contribute to the wiki.

    Registering will have to be accepted by a bureaucrat, which might take a while since we at the fantasy english lexi only have one. However, I'll warn him to keep his eyes peeled. If you leave the option to receive mails from administrators we will send you an email tell you when your new account is accepted.

    What we need is people with access to the Battletomes, Campaigns Books and Novels from Age of Sigmar so we can get it up-to-date. But if you don't have them and still want to contribute we could use some help by adding fluff from the warscrolls, products descriptions and photos/screenshots found on the internet as long as they are properly sourced.

    Thanks for you attention!
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