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Thread: I played the full version of Divinity:Original Sin 2 now...

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    I played the full version of Divinity:Original Sin 2 now...

    Heyhey, FINALLY DOS2 is out of early access. I was hyped, and I don't think I like it much. Probably my main problems with it are just because of me being me rather than it being the game's fault.

    .) My main problem being the tone. First game was fun and looked nice. Second game looks nice, but feels miserable. The thing is basically the same as you're stranded on a beach, collect shells and then go on to the first settlement. With the exception that in DOS2 the island and settlement is an internment camp. There's mutilation left and right, dead kids, everybody's being a ****. Just makes me feel miserable really.
    There's an Elf lady running about, being miserable. Okay. Next to her is a little kid crying for her mother. Of course you want to help the kid. But nope, you can't. Each time you pass you hear the kid crying, you can't do a thing. Also: In DOS1 if there's a murder it's a thing. It feels like a thing. In DOS2 so far peeps just stab each other for no appearant reason, it's just for effect. I do not care for this. The ONLY friendly characters are complete idiots and are portrayed as such.

    .) Yeah, there's multiple races now. I don't mind that they added all this stuff (those undead seem so incredibly stretch-goal-y....), but did the game NEED all the racism? It's not even subtle or interesting, it's just "hello, I'm an elf. You're a human. I don't like you, pig. Go away, I won't talk to you.". You talk to the same NPC with an elf the whole talk starts...

    .) Why does everybody have to talk that bloody much? Each NPC comes with a TON of talk, then you have to consider the answers, then more talk, etc., usually with the effect that it changed or established NOTHING.

    .) This probably is more our fault than anything, but we're playing on tactician difficulty and with underwhelming classes (Wayfarer and Rogue). So every single bloody fight is just lots of loading and stupid puzzling and all of that.

    So far it feels like a complete slog in a world full of ********. Not quite what I look for in a game. I'm 13 bloody hours in I just saw. It's insane. It's all a mix of boredom, busywork and dying. Sure, sure, this sounds like 'you're not playing it right', 'you suck' and 'maybe it's not for you'. ********. I liked DOS1 mostly. Characters were fun, fights were mostly fun. This is not so far. But let's see. Maybe it gets better after the bloody concentration camp and I hope that NPCs get more normal and less chatty about how **** the world is.

    The thing is that when you start playing a fantasy roleplaynig game you want to go out and help people, make things better, get xp and loot to make bigger things better. Now the first island is full of miserable people who have problems. But you can't help them. Pretty much nobody can or will be helped. Sick lady sits in a tent, I walk up, "hey lady, can I help you?" - "Noooo, I want to die so the people running the camp won't have the fun of killing me, go away.". I happen to have a spell to cure the sickness, I cast it on her, she still say she's sick, she wants to be sick, tells me to **** off. That's the end of that angle.

    Also: i was told that this takes place centuries after the first game. Lame. If you want to do a sequel, do that. If you want to change the gaming world, make a different world. That's cool. Final Fantasy does it all the time, nobody's bothered. But that whole "it's hundreds of years later" always feels like a cheap cop-out to be able to introduce HUGE changes, but still retain the name rights and some references for the sake of the franchise.

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