Thanks Lost Egg! I've still not got round to painting the prize, shamefully. SO much backed up at the moment!


Last time I went to visit the great sho3box he treated me to a day out at Prince August – Ireland’s finest toy soldier factory. It was the greatest day ever.

sho3box (left) and me (right) being all cool at Prince August.

There at the factory of dreams I feasted upon the piles of vintage Warzone blisters with great plans to rebuild the exact same Imperial Mega Corporation Army of my nerdy teenage years – starting with a squad of Wolfbane Commandos.

The derpy eyes betray the anxiety of standing on a non-standard 32mm base.

Wolfbane Commandoes suffered from the classic 1990s problem of feet spilling over the 25mm base edge, so Wolfbane #1 I painted (above left) got a 32mm base. But the more I looked at it, the more I feared I’d betrayed the Spirit of the 1990s, so Wolfbane #2 got a classic 25mm base with dark green drybrushed sand, with which I was much happier, and so I did the whole squad this way.

An actual shelf in my house, or a highly contrived setting to make you feel it’s the 1990s? Answers in the comments!

The colour scheme is a pretty straight copy of the original studio colour scheme, as I wanted to relive those days when “giant yellow shoulder pads” and “commando” could be unironically synonomous.

Woflbane Commandos advance through the ruins of Hexau Prime.

I really enjoyed painting these old metal nuggets, and hope to build the army up with some Imperial Blood Berets next.

Ninjabread out!

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