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*Dabs tear from eye* Oh my grud I really like those Titans. I used to have a beetle back moons ago, curse my youthful self for getting rid of it! I really like thse missile pods actually, nice and meaty. I salute you for still having the spinny disc void shield counter haha! Bt please paint that red plastic, it gnaws at the heretic within. And I love your Gargant too! Again, WHY did I sell mine???

The Beetles are dead easy to pick up, as long as you're not fussy about the condition. Or so I thought, until I suddenly had to get that Warlord ready for a game and found I couldn't get weapons in a rush anywhere. I'm glad you noticed the bare red plastic, even if it annoys you!

Come friend, come and learn of the secret origin the first Inquisitor at the dawn of Warhammer 40,000. This is the tale of Inquisitor Lord Augustus Hargen and his ingredient parts.

Left to right: Sir Gigal de Appliance, Inquisitor Lord Augustus Hargen, and Traitor General.

Sculptor Bob Naismith made this O.G. Inquisitor by combining two Citadel Miniatures from earlier ranges – Warhammmer Fantasy’s CH2 Chaos Warrior Sir Gigal de Appliance and 2000AD’s JD14 Traitor General. I painted all three so they could stand side-by-side radiating mad Citadel Crossover Energy.

This magical combo of medieval fantasy tropes and British military scifi elements established the tone for Warhammer 40,000. The whole gothic techno-fantasy universe spins out from seeds like this and Inquisitor Ezquerra. Thirty-three years later Games Workshop are still designing ornately armoured Inquisitors like the upcoming Kyria Draxus.

Hargen popped up multiple times in the seminal Rogue Trader rulebook, and featured in the Spacewar Citadel Combat Cards.

Inquisitor Lord Augustus Hargen and his Scooby Gang solving mysteries on Helsreach.

I entered Hargen, along with Sir Gigal and Traitor General into the Oldhammer Community’s Naismithery Competition, and to my astronomical levels of delight Bob Naismith chose the trio as the winner. Bob’s sent me a super-special one-of-a-kind prize which I’ll show soon. Thanks, Bob! Bob’s currently working on his Overrunners range which you can check out here.

Ninjabread out!

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