This project has been underway for a few months in little dribs and drabs. The end goal is to have 3 3' by 3' tables for Trumpeter's Salute, a gaming convention held in Vancouver min mid March. Of the three, one will be an urban table, one will be a jungle table and one will be a cavern/cave complex (this may change).

The first table I have started is the jungle table. Somewhere in the south seas: an isolated island in polynesia or micronesia. 2.5cm foam insulation forms the base, glued to 1cm plywood with a stream cut into it.

2 pieces of 5cm foam stacked will form a cliff face over which a waterfall will pour.

Rock structures are carved into the face with pieces of foam set into it.

Smaller pieces are added around the base of the cliff and at the base of the waterfall.