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Also, GW has been increasingly moving away from the idea of "Warzone" level participants, which would include stuff like Ork Empire of Charadon; the Ultramarines took part in the 13th Black Crusade, despite the Cadian Gate being on the opposite side of the galaxy, Tyranids and Tau forces jumping around because otherwise they'd only take part in battles effectively on their doorstep. GW these days wants everyone to be able to fight everyone.
The lost sphere of the tau in the new fluff soport this and I think why: one of the biggest mistake in fantasy is being very "warzone" making some fight very painfull to create, the same in WH40K with the tau, hell now even terra can be atack any moment now.

the message is clear: nowhere is safe.

Now that being said, the problem with the orks is that they are the comic relief and give them more depth can ruin that, the beast is good showing what they can do, let hope they can expand of that later.