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True but you've got to leave something to the players. They don't need to be told everything. Why do the Deff Skullz fight? Well you could say same as any other Orks, because that's what they where designed to do, and you could say that's pretty shallow, but it's not really more in-depth than the setting's golden boys, the Space Marines; why do the Ultramarines fight? To defend the Imperium. Why do the Blood Angels fight? To defend the Imperium. The fact one comes from the Eastern Fringe an the empire of Ultramar, and the other near the galactic core and is based on a barren moon, won't really impact their fighting style. It's the player's choice to decide, my Ultramarines are hunting a Tyranid splinter force, seeking retribution for the Battle of Macragge, or that the Blood Angel Captain is seeking atonement for losing a Chapter relic, etc.

Also, GW has been increasingly moving away from the idea of "Warzone" level participants, which would include stuff like Ork Empire of Charadon; the Ultramarines took part in the 13th Black Crusade, despite the Cadian Gate being on the opposite side of the galaxy, Tyranids and Tau forces jumping around because otherwise they'd only take part in battles effectively on their doorstep. GW these days wants everyone to be able to fight everyone.
You are severely underselling the Chapters there. They all have history, culture, homelands, allies and enemies. Blood Angels did things and they continue to do things because of their legacy. By their very nature, the Klans cannot have a legacy. All they are is a set of colors and a desire to fight in a certain way. They can be put on and taken off as they see fit. The empires and the Waaagh's are the perfect frame work in which GW can have their cake and eat it too with everybody fighting everywhere. Empire's launch Waaagh's. They pop into the Warp and then pop out somewhere in the galaxy with little rhyme or reason. So you start with a history and a culture from an astrographic region and then the player can have their personal Warboss be from those places and muster a Waaagh all their own.

Perhaps I'm just noticing the glaring contradictions in Orkish theme these days. They are wildly individualistic with scratch built tools and yet they come in mono-skin-toned masses with drab clothing. Each Mek is a mad scientist with a list of triumphs, follies and works of genius under their belt and yet they are literally a genetic caste that is just pulling schematics out of their subconscious. Nothing is standardized so Orks are supposed to be wildly unpredictable and yet they are actually so tactically limited that the entire scope of their society has stratified all kind of combat into one of a simple list of types based on Klans. I swear one of these days I'm going to write my own take on 'Ere We Go! and make sense of this.