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True but Orks do not care about such things. The Orks of the Charadon Empire will just as happily jump into a Space Hulk and let it take them... Gork (or Mork) only knows where, and hopefully fight. Whatever connection they had to the Arch-Arsonist of Charadon, will be lost. He's light-years and decades if not centuries away, the second they emerge in realspace and find a place to set up, they're a new faction, with a new Warlord taking over. You could say the Orks of Charadon, following the Arch-Arsonist, live in solar system with a large, highly radioactive sun (the Eye of Gork/Mork) which burns the surface, and inspires them to burn everything... meaning the Evil Sunz are basically the order of the day, vehicles needed to cross Charadon's scorching surface, and flame-weapons as the Orks imitate the decree of their Gods' watching them...

But the second Orks from this empire board a Space Hulk, get chewed up and spat out by the warp, they might crash on a tectonically unstable world used by the Adeptus Mechanicus to harvest minerals. After several clashes, which Snakebite Wyrdboyz psychic shenanigans result in an eruption that devastates and drives off the Mechanicus... these Orks now refer to themselves as "Da Brimstonez" tribe, raiding nearby sectors, captives taken as slaves are often tossed into the volcanoe (which is the Ork God's fury incarnate) and they often use scar-branding, daub themselves in ash and launch the "Ashen/Brimstone Waaagh!" several centuries later...
You are completely ignoring the individual Orks. They are people too. They have wants, beliefs, habits. Ways that they learned to do things. The fact that Snakebitez exist at all with their "the old ways are the best ways" mentality proves this! An Ork will not shed its entire lived experience because it winds up in a different place with a different circumstance. All Orks have ways they believe things should be done. Its how you get the arguments and fights about what is or is not Orky. You might be able to argue that isolated spawnings of Orks from those marooned Charadon Orks would develop their own culture independent of anything but they will meet eventually and the Charadon Orks have the tech, age, size, language and experience to impose their definition of Orky onto the Yoofs. Orks do learn behaviors so their environment will change them but its just layered on top of the old stuff.

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The Clans are the only part of Ork culture which turns up anywhere, being genetically encoded. Ideas for Waaaghs!, paint schemes for them, etc are as vast as the players and collectors can devise.
And this particular sentence I find repugnant. The faction that is supposed to represent unchecked id and wild individuality is bound by genetically encoded memories right down to their day to day lives? It completely defeats the purpose of Orks! Mekz having a genetic predisposition towards mechanical engineering is fine. All Mekz just doing the best they can with the materials they have to recreate devices encoded on their DNA? They stop being scientists and start being living cornucopia machines. They wouldn't invent things, they would just copy things they were programmed to copy! The idea that the Klans are genetically hard wired reduces Orks into automatons just as mindless as any Tyranid organism.

Kulture, the Waaagh, the Klans, all of it. Its so much more interesting if its a common emergent structure that is so similar across the galaxy because of the biological realities of Orkkind than if it is some genetic imperial mandate pressed upon them by some long dead creators. Orks should be ambition and rebellion against their superiors and the freedom to choose what they want to be and be the best at it!