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Thread: Orks are in desperate need of depth

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    Re: Orks are in desperate need of depth

    Quote Originally Posted by Rogue Star View Post
    Undoubtedly, but I fail to see why empire or Waaagh! will impart this more than Klan will... I would like to see your suggestions or examples because I don't think I'm arguing against (at least not strongly) or for potential changes, and neither are you (Clans just taking a backseat). Feel free to sell me on the idea, as currently... it just feels like something a player can very easily do themselves?
    A Waaaagh! or an Empire is more akin to a political party, in the sense that you get to choose, and to support and join the one that is more in line with your goals. You can also choose to change that affiliation at any time, when another Waaagh! comes along that's better suited to your interests, or when your current Waaaagh! fails to deliver.
    A Klan -on the other hand - is more akin to a craftsman's guild, in the sense that you earn your membership based on your actual experience, based on the specific skillset you've learned, and based on who you've done your apprenticeship under. And, you're sort of locked into -or at least heavily pressuerd into - a particular Klan since your birth, much like in medieval times, your trade was pressured onto you, based on what your father's craft was, and what your father's father's craft was.

    Makes sense?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bunnahabhain View Post
    Choose Guard. Choose the right Imperial army. Choose Proper fire Support. Choose Big Guns. Choose Basilisks. Choose Manticores. Choose Deathstrikes. Choose all of them. Choose Artillery regiments. Choose to level the playing-field. Choose to level the Mountain range next to the playing field. Choose Guard.

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