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A Waaaagh! or an Empire is more akin to a political party, in the sense that you get to choose, and to support and join the one that is more in line with your goals. You can also choose to change that affiliation at any time, when another Waaagh! comes along that's better suited to your interests, or when your current Waaaagh! fails to deliver.
A Klan -on the other hand - is more akin to a craftsman's guild, in the sense that you earn your membership based on your actual experience, based on the specific skillset you've learned, and based on who you've done your apprenticeship under. And, you're sort of locked into -or at least heavily pressuerd into - a particular Klan since your birth, much like in medieval times, your trade was pressured onto you, based on what your father's craft was, and what your father's father's craft was.

Makes sense?
Oh I didn't mean I don't grasp the difference between a group you're raised amongst compared to joining a faction you share an affinity with... I meant, in lore terms, what would making the Orks affiliations geographic gain them?

Let's compare it to the Eldar Craftworlds, we know they all hail from different craftworlds... but does that really provide enough reason for them to be different? GW clearly didn't think so, since Iyanden required an event to make them what they are (Hive Fleet Kraken), with ghost-warriors and wraith constructs making up a large part of their forces... the others don't make a lot of sense without development either; why is Saim-hann more 'barbaric'? Sure we know they are, but not why... did they suffer terrible losses fleeing the Fall, and recruit heavily from the Exodites? Why is Biel-tann more militaristic? Religious reasons? Is it because Khaine, as the last surviving god of the Old Pantheon (excluding Chegorach) is a war deity, or are they defending a region of colonies to see it expand as a way to remake the Aeldari Empire?

If we include the Ork Empire of Charadon, Octarius, Dregruk, etc, what do they provide that the Clans don't?

I'm more than happy to entertain the idea, but so far it feels like "Clans aren't very good, we should replace them", to which my answer is "Okay, but with what?".

If, and this is how it sounds to me, if incorrect my apologies, if we're justing saying the "Deff Skullz" Clan are a group of Orks from say, the galactic north-east that control this, this and this world, their capital being a former Imperial Forgeworld, and after generations of looting the tech, they've become adept at it, and thus their forces feature lots of Lootas, Looted vehicles, etc... well that's really just saying the Death Skulls are exactly what we know, but detailing a few odd worlds... it isn't anything a player can't do themselves, and doesn't add anything particular compelling to the faction...