I think the current problem is that, while I like in general what GW have done with 8th edition WH40K, they've confused streamlined with homogenous; every faction gets six or so warlord traits, a collection of psyker powers and artifacts specific to them, and a universal army wide rule that affects everything with a particular keyword. It's nice, but doesn't utilize each faction's nature.

I'd love for example if, instead of Stratagems, Orks got "Orky Events", of which half where good cards ('Waaagh!' every charging Ork gets to roll 3D6 and select the highest result, etc), and the other half were bad cards ("Lootin'" - one unit or Orks decide to start scrougin' the best bitz furst. Play this on any unit more than 9" from the enemy. That unit does nothing this turn, etc) which your opponent can spend their pool of stratagem points on, to represent the infighting that goes on, and the Orks inherent barbaric/disorderly nature.