I have been thinking hard about how to express myself on this topic properly and I think that I have come to a decent analogy.

The Ork Klans being the major representation of Ork political structure in 40k is as if the Craftworld Eldar were represented by the Aspect Shrines. I like Aspect Shrines well enough. What Aspect Warriors are, how the behave and how the Shrines operate within the larger structure of the Craftworlds on a cultural, political and religious level is fascinating. However, on all levels whether it be story or mechanics, I do not believe that a single Aspect Shrine is deep enough to serve as a face for an entire faction. Klans, just like Aspect Shrines, are ultimately a choice. There are some mitigating factors to that like the opinion of any individual Ork's Mob, the opinion of their Boss and how many Orks there are of the Klans in their society but still ultimately a choice. Orks are free to choose an unpopular Klan to affiliate with just like any other person can buck convention. Ultimately, Klans are just an opinion on how Orks like to wage war. Combat is a huge part of the Orkish life cycle but not all of it.

Here's another analogy. Let's take these new Primaris Marines. Imagine if they were all made together out of the same Gene-Seed. Then they would get to choose what Chapter they would join based on how they like to fight. The ones that like flame weapons would join the Salamanders and the guys who like the more primitive, savage way of war would become Space Wolves and the ones who like jetpacks would become Raven Guard. Does this sound particularly deep to anybody? Aren't Chapters more than just whether a Space Marine likes jetpacks? Yes they certainly are. Trying to reduce the Chapters to that would be met with outcry by their fanbase. For Orks, that's all the Klans are. A combat doctrine. Don't Orks deserve history, politics, culture, religion and so on with depth just as Space Marines do? I need to reiterate that Orks are people. Which is why I think the Klans as they are presented are terrible and shallow. Expanding the Klans would be nice but that would be like expanding an Aspect Shrine.