I love Orks. Orks are my first love in 40k. I started collecting them back in 3rd edition and I have been on and off ever since. There's just this thing that I have noticed over time that's making me malcontent. Orks are presented as a 'completed' culture. "For them the great struggle is won," after all. Orks are the way they have always been and will continue to be that forever. This stuff with The Beast was welcome in that it showed Orks advancing but its just not enough.

Mostly my problem has to do with the Klans. Most other factions have lots of interesting sub-factions with their own place in the universe, goals and agendas. That all ultimately boils down to a way to play their faction on the table top but everybody else got a little bit of fluff surrounding that which has built up over time. We've got all these Marine books out there to represent factions that were originally there just for a paint scheme and an iconic playstyle. Orks got the shaft on that. Who are the Deff Skullz? Why they are Orks that have painted themselves blue and love to steal things. Where do they come from? What are their goals? Who leads them? They aren't led. Their goals are to steal things and they hold no territory. All you need to be a Deff Skull is be an Ork, paint yourself blue and call yourself a Deff Skull. Klans are essentially just the Ork's favorite football teams. Famous Orks can claim allegiance to them but its just plain shallow. We need to break away from the Klan as the be all end all of the face of the Orks. I don't want to get rid of them but they are about the dullest, blandest pieces of fluff that have ever existed.

Does anyone else have a desire to see the books organize Orks by their Empire or Waaagh than by Klan? The Ork Empire of Charadon. Waaagh Gorgutz. Anything. Klan is just how they fight, not why they fight.