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Thread: So what's the verdict on the new 40k?

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    Re: So what's the verdict on the new 40k?

    Well, 8E is sort of like a ship in space...

    Somewhere in the depths of space, aboard the Apocalypse class battleship Gelt Plunderer...

    Player: "I'm afraid we have a leak, sir."

    GW: "By the Emperor's perfect teeth! A leak?! How long do we have?"

    Player: "Oh, we have plenty of time! At least until next edition, because the leak is not in the hull."

    GW: "Whew! You had me worried! What is leaking then?"

    Player: "Just the plasma core. Some will die, but enough will survive. Probably."

    GW: "Full speed ahead then!"

    (Almost forgot! The Shooting Phase is the plasma core. Those that die are the armies that don't have BS 3+. And Orks. Orks are sucking all things suckable at he moment. Sadly, only some core rules altering b.s. codex rules will set things right for them. Only half the armies are majorly impacted by the changes to the shooting rules though, so, you know, no big deal.)
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