To cut a long story short... I quite liked the idea of rock-dwarfs in space so I decided to put some together. I used some bits from various companies and based the troops around GW Kharadron Overlords with converted heads.

These three are the first of the troopers:

They represent (bottom row from left to right) a drone controller, leader and mech. After a little bit of negative feedback, the leader got a trim:

The idea is that each unit has the three troopers above in it and is accompanied by a range of drones; both ground and air based. The first drones are these:

I need to re-base them to match the Demiurg but they are painted and in storage somewhere so I will have to dig them out, at some point, to do it. I also need to tidy up the base of the drone controller that is posted below (the first one of the Demiurg that I have painted):

The next one to be painted will be the mech.