Hi all,

Now I know the game has only been out a few days but I'm sure there are some people who have already played a handful of games so I wonder how good is it?

I played back in the day and find myself a little put off by GW breaking it down into god knows how many supplements over the coming years in an effort to eek as much money out of players as possible. I was fairly stoked for its release but now I kinda feel a bit meh. The minis are pretty good though I would have liked to see more options, not to mention more than 2 gangs.

I've seen a couple of video reviews but little has swayed my interest in the game itself though I haven't seen anything on the Gang War supplement yet. The WD articles mentioned some interesting new changes but overall I think I'm dubious.

At the moment I kinda wish they had made a better job of the Shadow War Kill Teams.

As I said I've not played nor do I intend to at the moment but I am interested to hear peoples thoughts.