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    Fantasy Warbands project: Latest update = dwarves with paint on them....

    Hi, to try and combat my gamers ADD I am trying to let my creative juices flow a little and design and build some warbands for various fantasy races, mostly around miniatures I already own or have always wanted to own.

    Therefore i've put together some compiled photos of what I have in mind below. However there are some gaps I need help filling and some miniatures that I don't really know what to do with, which is where I hope you guys can come up with some suggestions. I have a limited buget so i'm trying to limit myself to cheaper ranges where possible.

    The warbands are split into three: Characters, Troops and Creatures.

    On a longer term scale I will be modifying the mordheim rules to cope with all my warband creations.

    The undead. I have 4 undead warbands in mind, only 2 of them I have put any thought to so far.

    The Undertakers: This warband is made up of a mad scientist and those that will follow him, he has developed potions to raise the dead and is experimenting with creations of the flesh.
    Where I need help: Does anyone have any suggestions for a cool looking flesh golen (frankenstein's monster styley)

    The necromantic undead: A warband raised by a powerfull necromancer, consisting of litches, wights, bone golems, skellies and bats, plus some snakemen who willingly server (sometimes it helps if you have some sentient/living members to a warband)
    I intend to convert 4+ of Privateer presses Cygnarian Risen to have spears and shields rather than the shambling pose as pictured. I would like to get some more of the Reaper snakemen, I hope they release more types of them .
    Where I need help: I don't need any for this warband but if you have any other mini suggestions or thoughts for the warband let me know.

    The Vampyric Undead: So far I have 2 Vampyric warbands in mind, but beyond the fact that they will both be lead by vampyres, I don't have any ideas for models, any thoughts?

    The Gnublins: There will be three distinct tribes of Gnublins, all choosing from the same base troops but different variations of armaments to show the terrain they are used to. Characters will be converted from Gnoblar and the troops will all be from Red box games. The creatures will be from where ever I like basically .
    One tribe will have slingers and mosquitos as thier unique units, another will have "gruelhounds" (the broodhound model from dark age games as pictured), the other i'm not sure about yet.
    Where I need help: any suggestions for the third tribe's unique creature?

    Humans - there will be 4 distinct human sub factions. Those from the south and the north, the organised criminal element (Bandits) and the Church.

    The Southlanders: Rich, powerfull and devious.
    Where I need help: I have no idea how to convert or what to buy for thier combat troops, I want plate mail armour but not sure which miniatuers will be suitable scaled for 30mm.... I'm also going to get the Kayazy Elimnators for thier assassins. I'm not sure but I think I want thier creature to be a Pheonix.

    The Northlanders: Poor, but well trained, loyal and hardy. (Basically I stole both noth and south straight out of Game of Thrones, OK lol).
    Where I need help: I'm struggling with good character models that fit with the models I have already chosen, any ideas?

    Well thats the start of them, I will post more ideas hopefully tomorrow.
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