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Thread: Looking for a easy way to play by post in phone chat for old timers with no time

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    Re: Looking for a easy way to play by post in phone chat for old timers with no time

    EDIT: oops 2017, but still relevant for many these days.

    Tabletop Simulator is a sandbox for any and all tabletop games and you can find games to join as well. Many free mods and a huge community. Mantic had a blog on it, Weil of the Ages is working on legal mods and intro games for T9A.
    There is a ton of How To on YouTube now since the pandemic and by far the largest crowd using it is roleplayers. And there is other software like it with a smaller community but closer aligned to wargamers such as Tabletop Playground.

    With some work you can do anything in such a simulator.

    For Wargaming you could use Universal Battle 2 as a stand alone that also runs mobile. Paid you can save games. And some actually play T9A with SMS or email on it. So it's also a bit how you adapt. Easy identifiable images are a feature here.

    Most of this has been around for a year or 2 and gets discovered now. But stay away from the illegal mods, there is enough free and community driven content or a small price goes a long way.
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