I haven't been able to run a sit down game in a decade. Excuses include: No one can make it. Maybe when kids are out of school in 10- 15 years. They live two hours away now. Whatever.

I've failed to run a play by voip. No one logs in at game time. Can't play then. No mic.

A play by forum almost made it. Can't see it on the phone. Have to login all the time. Never checks the site, because the phone doens't alert them there is new content. I learned a valuable lesson, not to run combat by rounds on a forum as a single combat encounter could take weeks to resolve.

I think I need a phone based app. One that silently alerts you there is new content, so the midnight stalker doesn't wake up the early bird, or the chatty nerd doesn't disturb another player at work. Chat dialog in character, general chat for out of game banter. A "scene" or encounter of whats going on right now, with a prompt for players to say what they are doing maybe with a time cutoff. A way to read the past events like a story. Some pics. I don't need round by round combat, or even super detailed character sheets. Idiot proof. Laziness proof.

Anyone know what I'm talking about?