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Thread: War Rocket - Space Battles in the Retroverse! Pew, pew, pew!!

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    War Rocket - Space Battles in the Retroverse! Pew, pew, pew!!


    I've decided to start a mini-project, to paint up a couple of small War Rocket fleets and to build some terrain to game over. I'd then like to adapt some of the scenarios for small fleet engagements and do a battle report.

    Now, I've had a problem with failing enthusiasm with my hobby projects over the last few years due to an Aspie overload but hopefully I can see it through this time. I have previously done a thread on Warseer in 2014 of my War Rocket exploits but even though I enjoyed the game and played a few time I ended up selling off virtually all my gaming stuff to help free-up some head space. I'm feeling a bit more settled now and with my Birthday earlier this month I decided to try again with War Rocket but stick with a small project...I can then expand as desired.

    So, here's my plan before Salute 2018 I'd like to build and paint two small fleets of 45pts each for the Galacteers & the Valkeeri. Both fleets have 3 class 1s and a single class 2. I have some cool Litko counters and a jumbo D10 to game with.

    Taking some inspiration from the rulebook cover I've decided to use my Citadel Battlemat combined with some terrain I plan on making to game with. I've got some cool ideas for the terrain.

    I've tidied up the Valkeeri so hopefully you'll be seeing some paint on them soon...hopefully...
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