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Thread: Learning about the GNW while painting

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    Re: Learning about the GNW while painting

    @NWMTA: Thanks very much!

    @Karak Norn Clansman: Oh, cool! I've talked to a museum owner or two at shows; so far I haven't done anything for museums though. Yup, that's Dal. Oh yes, the GNW is very unique in the way how the kings involved all were strong and memorable characters. In many other wars of the time it was generals, but in this one it was the kings. I was also really surprised to read about how much armies were led from the front. Like the Swedish cavalry officers actually riding at the very tip of the plow formation and so on. Thanks very much for the link!

    Right, boys and girls. It's been a while since I posted, because I've been painting 6mm things again. Took me a while to get back into it, and let's be honest - 6mm WIPs aren't exactly gripping cinema. Anyway, remember that Great Northern War poject I've been working on in early 2018?

    Well, there are reinforcements for that now, plus a whole new army! Starting with additions to the Swedish army:

    It's 50/50 cavalry and infantry. The latter all wearing Karpus hats.

    Those were basically another Swedish speciality (even though they had very similar ones on the Russian side, just less fluffy): A fur-lined hat on which the differently coloured flaps can be turned down to protect the wearer against snow/cold/the weather in general.

    ....and for the Russians:

    All infantry this time: 2 units of Grenadiers and 4 units of Strelzi.

    Incredibly interesting thing, these Strelzi. You hear tons about the Pretorian Guards in ancient Rome, the Janissaries in the Ottoman Empire, or the bloody Ultramarines but nothing about these dudes. Thes were kinda similar though in that they were a standing force of up to 23.000 dudes (first standing army in Russia) set up by Ivan the Terrible in 1450 as his own personal army and guard. They had their own districts in the city, had their own stores, ran their own businesses, basically were a state within the state. In peace times they were also the police force and firefighters. As always with these corps at some point there started a certain downturn for the Strelzi; they went from beating down uprisings to often organizing them (not always without reason either) until Peter the Great defeated their biggest uprising, sentenced thousands to death and disbanded the Strelzi corps.

    The most striking thing about the Strelzi was their equipment in battle.Originally they were armed as archers (which is basically what their name means too), but soon they were reamed with the iconic muskets and bardiches used for musket rests and side arms. Extremely interesting stuff there; wish I knew more about Russian history.

    So yeah, that's that. The Russian and Swedish reinforcements are almost finished painting; but as we all know basing is a huge part of the visual appeal of 6mm figures. Currently I'm working on another huge addition to this collection - the Saxon army. So stay tuned!

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    Re: Learning about the GNW while painting

    Very interesting stuff Sigur. BTW have you heard of Little Wars TV? They are big into 6mm stuff but they do a wide variety of periods and their videos are very tight.
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    Re: Learning about the GNW while painting

    Hm, seems I missed this thread last time, so I'll just say "Gå på!". Great painting, and a good write up of the history (even for a lousy Austrian ).
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    Re: Learning about the GNW while painting

    Wonderful work sigur.


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