Always wanted to put up a BB plog, but the Big Crash happened before I pulled my finger out. A league has just popped up at my FLGS, so I'm finally putting together those Chaso Dwarves I've always wanted (thanks GW for recasting them last year!). After digging out all my stuff to play a practice game with a friend who hasn't played for years, I found all the rest of my painted models from a few years ago, so I'm gonna put up some of them as I go, including my half-time entertainment (which might actually get the finishing touches I never got round to adding when I made it). Hopefully someone else will find some of these models interesting, but the main aim is to give me incentive to finish stuff off!

The team assembled.

Heresy Miniatures 'Manbane the Minotaur with Sir Roger the Lucky'. Fantastic model and the reason I'm playing without Centaurs in my starter list in the league :S

My Bull Centaur, a Parthian Bull by Eastern Front Miniatures. One of the stretch goals from my very first Kickstarter (for a Dwarf Gladiator BB team) - took almost 6 years from funding to delivery, so I wouldn't go looking for one yourself.

A side-by-side of the 3 manufacturers.

I've also picked up a few of the new resins, including Grak and Crumbleberry from Salute and the gobbo and Halfling refs, so hopefully they'll make an appearance at some point. Now to paint!