Hooray, the Wood Elves (Dryads) are finished!

Wardancers - Came out pretty nicely. I have enough pieces left over I'm tempted to make a Jordell Freshbreeze with the unit champion parts.

Throwers - the back-branches with extra gubbins in them help to make them stand out on the table, as do the bright white balls.

Runners - Dryads with Spite-Revenant heads, and the back-branches replaced with little metal base numbers from Greebo (didn't take a photo of them, they're just round number plates I painted same wood as the rest of the dryad)


Treeman - Took so many photos to get his face in focus! Really pleased with the owl, especially as it was the piece I was most unsure about how to paint it.

Willow Rosebark

Eldril Sidewinder - Classic model, and kept in my standard blue & white scheme so I'll be able to use him with my future High Elf, Dark Elf (although they will probably be purple & red) and Elven Union (who I'll probably only get for completion's sake, I'm not keen)

Looking at the date I posted the unpainted picture, looks like I managed the whole team in exactly a month, as I finished the owl on the treeman and based him on 30th April! Leave came out OK but I didn't have enough red ones, as it's a bit late for finding leaves. Will definitely have to collect some in the autumn to fill my little leaf pot.

Ahhhhhhh, it's nice to finish something! Doing a few Rangers of Shadow Deep and Hellboy bits now, but got a few team options to work on next:
  • Halflings (Black Scorpion)
  • Humans (3rd editon plastics)
  • Orcs (3rd edition plastics)

The 3rd ed. models will need stripping, and I might buy a new plastic River Troll head to replace the hideous one on my old metal troll (if the new Snotling team have trolls on their roster, I might just buy a box of River Trolls and use them instead). The Humans will provide the thralls for Vampires, of which I have already got 4 and a star player - just waiting for a Bad Squiddo delivery and to be able to order-to-collect from GW.
Which team do you think I should do next?