Thanks Joe, BB is always fun - small teams and the entire game is quite tongue in cheek.

Finished a fun sideline miniature - jugglers by Bad Squiddo!

The clubs are really well placed, and the expressions of the two performers tells a little story of its own...

Mierce Miniatures had a sale a month or two ago, so I finally ordered the big beasts I've wanted as warriors for my all-beast Chaos team, then got the Gor box when the LGS opened up again.

Started getting the bases together (my teams are all on 25mm round bases if I can help it, but the Gors comes with 32mm, and the Mierce have their own unique bases - luckily the Mierce are so big I'm gonna have to mount them on 32mm...), but I'm going to try and get the last bits I need for the next part of my Rangers Of Shadow Deep campaign first (just a few terrain bits and a Shadow Knight) so it'll be a little while before I start on the team proper, but that'll give me time to think about how on earth I'm going to paint their fur/flesh! Any ideas? I want them more furry than fleshy.