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    Re: Blood Bowl Bonanza

    Surprise bonus team!

    Before starting on my Chaos Beasts, I decided to go back and rebase and touch up my Nurgle team, which I kitbashed from the cheapest possible bits almost 15 years ago (3 push-fit plastic warriors were £5 RRP - cheap!).

    Originally I used some of my metal Plaguebearers as Pestigor, so the team had to have the same basing as my daemon army. A couple of years ago I upgraded to the Poxwalkers instead, and then realised that meant I didn't have to stick to that basing scheme any longer. The Beast also needed a better paint job - the original one was just green wash over white (I'm not trying to do proper painting around all those tentacles!). Thank the gods for contrast paints making life simple! Photos came out a little washed out, which sort of suits Nurgle, but I'll try to avoid it in future photos.

    The team!

    Warriors - These guys needed some edging and highlighting, and I added a little weathering as well. I really like the metal warrior. He's got hands from the old Zombie banner, and a Chaos Marine Champion head. Most of the rest of the bits are from the Spawn set, and some very beginner green stuff work (literally first time I used it I think).

    Pestigors - More push fit stuff, but much more modern. Lovely models!

    Could this be what caused them to mutate in the first place...

    Rotters - Just eyes and covering damage needed here. Always liked the way I did the green on these, so didn't want to change much more.

    The Beast! All Spawn parts (not super happy with the head, but I can't remove it very easily, it's Nurgley, and I can't remember where all the rest of my Spawn bitz are!), and really needed a rework - original was just green wash over white! Contrasts made it much easier to paint around those tentacles.

    How the team looked before I gave them a touch up.

    Now hoping to put together a Lord Borak from a Slaughterpriest I got in White Dwarf years back and some other bitz I've picked up, then finally get on with the Beastmen. I had a look in their box for parts for Borak. They must have been updated since the last time I saw plastic Beastmen - these guys are really cool.
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