@mousekiller: Cheers, dude. I like your stuff too, especially the dwarves.

Got Borak put together:

Just a quick picture before I prime him. The Slaughterpriest is a great base model (even better for being free), solid and big (at least compared to my 3rd ed. BB players - might be average for the current GW range). I really wanted to keep the head close to the original so he'd be recognisable so found a Chaos Warrior Champion head on eBay, and covered the Khorne emblem on his belt with a skull from the Gor sprue, Extra shoulderpad is Chaos Marine Champion pad turned on its side - wanted him a bit more armoured than the Slaughterpriest was. The right hand was at risk of looking pretty puny compared to the left and the perspective shift, so I cut down the sword into a knuckleduster type thing. I don't normally like weapons on BB players, but as Borak is a Dirty Player, it makes some sense for him to have something illegal. Still debating the belt and hanging straps, as he looks a little chunky busy with it on. Gonna spray it separate so I can chose once he's all painted up.