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Thread: Tale of Boardgame Painters 2018-19 Sign-Up Thread

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    Tale of Boardgame Painters 2018-19 Sign-Up Thread

    The last one kind of limped over the finish line, but who is up for tackling more boardgame painting in 2018-19?

    The last twelve months has seen a heap more games come out with miniatures, or existing ones get new expansions: Zombicide, Rising Sun, Twilight Imperium, Scythe, and Kingdom Death to name a few. And lets not forget the "older" ones like Blood Rage!

    What are people's opinions about opening this up to some of the more boardgame-ish options from Games Workshop in the past 12 months like Bloodbowl, Shadespire, and Necromunda? I think they'd find their niche here, and the more of us the merrier!

    I propose that, to give us a bit of a break before starting up again, Feb becomes a sign-up month, March the first WIP month, and April the first finished models.

    I'll be coming back with Kingdom Death: Monster again! Instead of last years "mini-a-month" pledge I'll be doing "mini-a-month+". The internship that had my weekly commitments up to 70 hours a week is finished, but I'm still at 60+ and entering the third year of my PhD so I'm going to try for more than a mini-a-month but no promises .

    Sign-up List:
    Arhalien: Zombicide/Aristeia (model-a-month)
    DarthSte: Shadespire (model-a-month)
    DarthSte: Necromunda (1+ models a month)
    Doi: Kingdom Death: Monster (1+ models a month)
    Doi: Dark Souls (model-a-month)
    Naryzhud: Mice and Mystics
    silverstu: Necromunda
    Solun Decius: Blood Rage

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