Having been away from wargaming for a while, I am curious where Warseer folks think the massed battle with minis scene is heading. Mantic's KoW seems to have stepped up with easy mechanics but odd to an old WFB player, and there are an abundance of miniature companies. I have several fantasy and 40K armies, but not sure what to do with them. Not really interested in rants on GW's bad behavior or long discussions of skirmish games. Trying to decide if GW and 40k are still for me right now, as this and Warmahorde seem to be what's played within 60 miles. The best advice I have seen so far is play what is being played locally, but play with people you like. But play what? Are there any massed battle fantasy or historical games being played in sufficient numbers that you can find an opponent? Or is there anything REALLY interesting on the horizon that is worth waiting for? I took a big flyer on CMON's Ice & Fire thinking that the minis might make a nice Kingdoms of Men army for KoW, but I am open to suggestions and appreciate any insight you folks might have. Thanks