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Thread: New registrations please read

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    New registrations please read

    Hi all

    Now we've sorted out the new registrations they are working and we'll get them actioned straight away so you can get on the forum. However, those people who tried to join over the past few weeks with a new registration but then never heard back will need to be corrected manually. If this is you please PM myself with your user name, email and DOB and it will get quickly corrected.

    If you are a member already and have been waiting for password reset details, etc, please try again to request this from the site as it should now work.

    Anyone has any problems now please either post in the Helpdesk OR PM me and we will sort straight away.

    Thanks all again for bearing with us and being part of our community, keeping WarSeer alive.

    TRNG, black cherry and the team.
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