The Purge is a Nurgle following Chaos Renegade warband that aims to remove all life from the galaxy:,_The


Ex. Chaos Lord that is now a Daemon Prince with a tainted plague mace and sword.
Based on a brutally looking Orge Tyrant, with added wings and 3D printed horns on the helmet and belly plate to add more Chaos feeling.
The figure was purchased from eBay with a basic light green paint job, so I repainted the base, added details and splurged with grime, blood, pus, etc.
I did not have the energy or the tools to remove the the grot(?) over the shoulder, so tried just to paint it unnoticable.


A Hellforged Contemptor Dreadnought which is tasked to tear and destroy all enemy machines and life within.
Based on an old Scotia Grendel War Golem resin model. I purchased 3 of those with variable arms. They laid in a box for 15 years until unboxed recently. The green base color inspired to add one of those to The Purge force.
I added 3D printed horns and warpflame to finish the model.
Then painted it pretty mush as The Purgator, ie. by adding details, grime, slime, blood, etc.


These Chaos Marines are tasked to render all enemy flesh to chunks of dead meat.
The project started when I saw this unit in eBay with double chainswords and oop RT-era Chaos backbacks.
The color scheme assosiated immediately to the fluff of The Purge, so I decided to build a mini-detachment around them. Which would also give some added assault power to my Death Guard army under work.
The base color matched well to the other units, just had to add shading and highlight to metallics. Desided to go nuts with Blood for the Blood God effect paint with these.

The Grand Schemer has a part to play with this merry warband. The sorcerors of Thousand Sons have created a great illusion to manipulate The Purge to see only unworthy life to destroy. In reality, in our upcoming game, The Purge will ally with my Thousand Sons against my gaming buddies Death Guard army