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Thread: How experience works in necromunda gang war 1 and other questions.

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    How experience works in necromunda gang war 1 and other questions.

    In the french edition p 15/16/17 there are three progression table that i find highly confusing. The first one is available to every one ? Where you pay for progression including skills (p16) One where everybody rolls except specialist except if a ganger become specialist. It's a table without skills. p18 it's a table only for skills.

    So how does it work? Do i pay on the first table, then roll on ethier teh secon or third table? Does it work differently?

    The trade post does not have heavy weapon. Does that mean that esher can't have acces to heavy weapon and the goliath only to the one they have?

    What about older models of heavy? Do we let them collect dust?

    How function territories? Do the gang have a basic one that allows you to collect money and then add more with special qualities?

    I don't know if it is the translation or this edition that frustrate me the most. I love the minis but the feeling that i buy the rules in pieces when before they were in one book is hard to accept.
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