[I think we used to have a long thread about this topic in the old historical gaming section, but that probably has not seen posts for a while, so maybe better to start a new one.]

I have a feeling that it has been quite a while since Perrys added new miniatures to their Wars of the Roses / European Armies ranges for the late 15th century, but now they have added a number of metal infantry packs to WotR range, with cavalry sets supposedly to follow. The four new metal packs include kerns with javelins, kerns with bows, galloglass (with big swords/axes) and command.

My interests for 15th century are in continental conflicts, where the Irish were not commonly involved, so I do not feel particular urge to get these figures. However, Irish mercenaries showed up in a number of clashes during the War of the Roses, such as the Stoke Field (1487), so WotR gamers might be interested in getting a bunch of packs to provide such a contingent.

And of course there would be the opportunity to use them to play small conflicts in Ireland itself. The limited number of packs probably does not really lend itself to putting together a big Irish army (unless you like repeating same poses all over again), but they should still provide plenty of variety for doing a small skirmish force. For an opponent, one could either use another Irish clan, or a force of English colonists - a box of plastic WotR Bill and bow plus another of light cavalry should provide a plenty of figures.