I resently got the Flesh-eater Courts book as i'm playing Death allot and felt that i needed the other Death book just incase. I was looking at the Attendants at Court
formation and got a little confuised. To conferm it says under the formations Loyal Subjects rule(pg93);
You can re-roll failed hit-rolls for units of crypt Horrors from the Attendants at Court
, even if they are not within 15" of and Abhorrant Ghoul King from your army.
This is in refrence to there ability Chossen of the King rule(pg85);
You can re-roll failed hit rolls for thjis unit if it is within 15" of an Abhorrant Ghoul King from your army.
Everyone I have show this to says that you need a Ghoul king in your army to start ewith to get this ability but we can not see if the ghoul king needs to be on the board? (Eather dead or off the board due to a special rule, reserves etc). I looked this up on the GW official FAQ page and could only find an entry fro the Death compendium book and nothing mentioning the Horros or Ghoul kings. Thankyou for your help.