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Thread: Are there other BL books akin to those of Matthew Farrer?

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    Are there other BL books akin to those of Matthew Farrer?

    Enforcer and Junktion were just what I had always hopefully expected 40k Black Library novels to be since opening my first White Dwarf and becoming overwhelmed by the brilliant background and artwork:

    Well written and detailed. Thoroughly true to the oppressive spirit of the setting. Thoughtful, bizarre and exploring highly interesting fringe parts of the setting away from the battlefields. Sporting byzantine intrigue and bloody action scenes. Having any semblance of control lost to a chaotic reality and grinding even the protagonist underfoot. Being fiction that reads like real events rather than wish fulfilment and watered-down Hollywood takes on 40k. Capturing the living Imperium on pages, in short.

    In much of this vein, what other BL books would you recommend? It must not be all away from warfare, only it has to be well-crafted and raise the sights so to speak. Non-Imperial gems are also welcome. Any and all tips are welcome. I've read the Eisenhorn and Ravenor trilogies already. How about the Gods of Mars trilogy or Inquisition War?

    Thanks in advance!

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