First off, I just got home, and had an awesome time at Adepticon this year. A bunch of new games I learned about and picking up, and I can't wait to get more games in. Now, on to the main subject: I played in both the 40k Championship and the Team Tournament. I've got a few other games in with 8th edition and at first I thought "well, it'll get better. It has to, right?" Well, coming out of the events this past weekend, 40k 8th ed is ONLY ok, but not great. GW did take a step in the right direction, but so far, the older editions were better. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE OLDER EDITIONS ARE BETTER?! THERE"S NO WAY!" Oh yes, there need to be changes in these areas. Maybe even revert back to what we had.

Time spent on games: Some people will say that the new edition is much faster because it's so simple to figure out. Now, it is simple to a degree, but it makes players question what their next move should be. Not saying that didn't happen in the older editions, but in this new edition forces the longer times. We're talking about rerolls on almost everything, all units able to wound all units (the amount of rolling), rolling random shots/damage/attacks/saves/etc. The Championship was 2 hours and 45 min, and there were games, including mine, where they didn't even go 3 full turns, whether someone gets wiped out or took time moving, or what have you. So this claim that it's a faster edition is bull crap. The older editions, you can get done with a game in about an hour and half, maybe 2 hours, tops if you know what you need to do. You didn't have as many rolls you needed to make in this edition. The randomness kills the time and it needs to stop. I remember tournaments being 2 hours and 15 min, which made much more sense. If the longer play times are here to stay, let's start putting chess clocks rounds. That would make it interesting.

The AP System/ Weapon Skill: I'm going to come out and say it, and that's the current AP system SUCKS. I mean I hate it with a passion. "Oh but it give people a chance to save their guys." Yeah, but lets make some sense here. For example: a bolter, for all intents and purposes, is a mini grenade laucher, and a guardsman's flak armor is like paper. You're telling me that getting hit by an exploding grenade, with thin armor on, in the gut (or face), means a chance of survival? Last I checked, armor doesn't mean much if it's only okay against basic firearms. This minus modifier business doesn't make sense at all, and it also goes back to the first point I made (time). The old AP system is superior, makes sense, and it speeds the game up. Go back to that. Same goes with WS. I don't like the fixed "to hit" when it comes down to hitting someone up close. Skill needs to be demonstrated and the old way shows that better than the current system.

Randomness: I understand that there already is randomness to the game with dice rolls in general, but how much of it do we actually need? The weapons that use to use templates now have to be rolled? Why? The templates made it easier to show how may guys have actually been hit. The damage system itself makes a little bit of sense, but there should be no reason to roll. Make it a straight whatever damage for whatever the weapon is.

I'm not saying 8th edition is the worst, but to say it's so much easier and faster is a crock. I won't drop out of 40k because I love the game, but I'm hoping to see changes soon. Hopefully I'm not the only one that feels this way.