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Mother of god.. 8O wow hahaha. Impressive man. Look forward to the results!
All humble seeing you have included someo of my work there too. Thank you.
Now lets see those miniatures!
(PS. I've seen all images in the thread)
well you made some pretty cool tiles to choose from. and i also needed to flesh out my print areas with more content in order to maximise my printing costs. your stuff seemed like a pretty good option. so top man for creating and sharing
now lets see those miniatures!
the irony that i actually took some photos this morning as well!

goblins with spears..which oddly were inspired by your own goblins a few years back (gnoblar, goblin, night goblin mashups) so the weird coincidence i am responding to your post with something i clearly stole from you!
sorry looted from your dungeon!

as i had made these a long while back it suddenly struck me that as well as looking great...i didnt use them at all so all i needed to do was lop off the weapons and throw some spears in!

and create 1 more. as i only had 5 done from previous