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    My Warhammer Quest.. Quest

    Hey guys been a bit of a forum lurker through its various rises and stumbles.
    i'm an avid dungeon crawler but one thing that sets me apart from all the other is..i have never owned nor played the original Warhammer quest (i think i played half a session in GW shop way back in the 90's but was of that age where i was drifting away from the hobby under lure of the 'much more preferred' as a teenager called 'The opposite sex'

    anyways years later..ive played like every crawler i can think of. love heroquest. love advanced heroquest. even own silver tower (don't hate me) and also shadows over hammerhal (much better than silver tower)
    anyways to cut a long story short. in my house hold. we actually have loved playing Shadows Over Hammerhal. It appeared to have much more oomph in terms of it being similar to all i had read about regarding the original WHQ released in the 90's
    but we simply want MORE QUEST!
    so i decided to take a look around and see what i could find out.

    to cut a long story short....I simply don't wish to or have the money to throw at the over inflated prices i see on Ebay. But i do feel the original WHQ could be the answer we are looking for
    so I figured it would be a much better way to spend my time for me to set up a little (probably not that little at all) project of proxy or recreation of the original WHQ
    i figure it will cost me over time..but thats easier to deal with than some massive lump sum up front.
    i also see some benefits here that if i do recreate many of the aspects (cards, tiles etc) then i have newer hi res and cleaner material that isn't 20 years old. some may find this slightly blasphemous, any new material i then add will be fully consistent.
    and i want to add everything i can find.
    i'll be running a mini blog of my quest through here as a checklist that i can share with you all. and hope you can all help me in return.

    but starting off with the base game first

    here's my plans
    having already obtained PDF version recreations of these (not sure who done them but massive credit to them)

    • 32 Page Rule book - DONE
    • 16 page Adventure book - DONE
    • 192 page roleplay book - DONE
    • How to play sheet - DONE

    Playing Cards
    I intend on creating all of these from scratch. infact i made the whole treasure deck as a tester mini project to see if it was worth progressing.. i am posting here. so that kind of tells you YES
    so i will recreate every card available from scratch. however right now I have no idea where to get them printed. so any custom card printing services in the UK would be much appreciated.

    • 89 cards in total
    • 19 event cards - DONE
    • 23 Dungeon cards - DONE
    • 30 Treasure cards - DONE = Page 3
    • 15 Spell cards - DONE - awaiting print
    • 4 Warrior cards - not yet created.Going to use character sheets
    • 4 Battle level Cards - not going to bother
    • 4 Equipment cards- not going to bother. can utilise character sheets
    • Hero Tokens - colour coded to match dice = DONE awaiting print

    for now I plan on printing the ones available. i do have high res versions of the base game floorplans. but in future would like to create my own.
    heres 1 i made as a tester to see if i could do it..its not complete but i wanted to get a measure of how long it would take me.
    This actually took quiet a long time as ai was also building a full PSD file template to assist with any future tiles i may wish to make.
    it didnt turn out too mad. however i plan on using the scans to get me started.

    • 23 floorplans
      • Corridor ​Corner
      • Corridor Passageway A x4
      • Corridor Passageway B x3
      • Corridor T-Junction x3
      • Corridor Stairway
      • Dungeon Room - Circle of Power
      • Dungeon Room - Dungeon Cell
      • Dungeon Room - Guard Room
      • Dungeon Room - Monsters Lair
      • Dungeon Room - Torture Chamber
      • Dungeon Room - Well of Doom
      • Objective Room - Fighting Pit
      • Objective Room - Firechasm
      • Objective Room - Fountain of Light
      • Objective Room - Idol Chamber
      • Objective Room - Tomb Chamber

    48 Markers and counters
    again i may use scans here but would eventually like to create my own. i'm not entirely sure if my list is correct here so please feel free to correct me if i am wrong

    • 1 Portcullis marker - DONE (page 2)
    • 1 Cave-in Marker - awaiting print
    • 3 Pit of despair markers - awaiting print
    • 6 webbed counters - created my own awaiting print.
    • 15 power tokens - created my own awaiting print.
    • 10 Luck tokens - created my own awaiting print.
    • Scenery markers

    1. Steps
    2. Dead Skeleton 1
    3. Dead Skeleton 2
    4. Metal Hatch with Chaos Symbol on
    5. Wooden Door Hatch
    6. Wooden Door Hatch
    7. Weapons Rack
    8. Pit trap spikes
    9. Pit trap spikes
    10. Dagger/Scroll/Coins
    11. Closed Chest
    12. Closed Chest
    13. Coffin with green smoke coming out
    14. Coffin with green smoke coming out
    15. Open Chest with coins spilling out
    16. Well with rope coming out
    17. Barrel
    18. Green Slime

    Miniatures (91)
    I already own a shed load of mini's and was one of the many reasons why i decided against picking up a copy on ebay..i simply can't see myself using many of the older mini's considering i have a lot of options already.

    • 4 warrior models - classic Barbarian, Dwarf, Elf, Wizard combo. have lots to choose from but will go with these guys to start me off before i decide to kitbash anything more fitting.
    • 6 Orc Warriors - Proxy - GW orcs/orruks or whatever they are called these days
    • 6 Orc Archers - Proxy - older orc arrer boys ready to be painted - awaiting painting
    • 6 Goblin Spearmen - DONE
    • 6 Goblin Archers - goblin stikkas awaiting painting
    • 12 skaven - Proxy - DONE
    • 3 Minotaurs - Proxy - 3 different minotaurs awaiting basing and painting
    • 12 Giant Spiders - DONE
    • 12 Giant Bats - Proxy - GW Bat swarm awaiting basing and painting
    • 12 Giant Rats - DONE
    • 12 Snotlings - DONE
    • 10 Dungeon Doorways - DONE (page 2)

    so when i put out what i already have..I've actually got a bit of a head start already from my other dungeon ventures.
    -the miniatures i'm not that far away from having all!
    -the biggest task for me is the cards, tiles and token i believe.
    -but I'm pretty handy with Photoshop and don't think there is anything here i couldn't create from scratch having already started this project with a tester of making the treasure deck. this was pretty easy to churn out. so the rest should be pretty easy.
    the rest ill figure out as i'm going. after all what good is a quest if you know what is around the corner already?
    if anyone has any handy advice that may assist me this would be greatly appreciated

    as for other expansions and the existing White Dwarf content. i would also like to do these as well. but figure i should look at getting the base set up and running first...see if i like the game enough to continue.
    looking forwards to seeing where this one goes

    Edit - after looking through what i need to print etc, it would be much more cost effective to have some of the expansion stuff done so that i can do bulk prints for cheaper costs so have decided to add the expansions to assist in maximising my overall costs.


    • 54 treasure cards


    • 54 treasure cards


    • 54 treasure cards


    • Catacombs Of Terror - Adventure Book

    Playing Cards
    • 4 Dungeon cards = Done
    • 18 Event cards = Done
    • 12 Treasure cards = DONE page 3
    • 3 Special cards


    • 1 Objective Room (The Dread King's Throne Room)
    • 1 Dungeon Room (The Hall of Death)
    • 1 Corridor (Chasm of Despair)
    • 1 Corner (Flames of Khazla)

    Markers and counters

    • 6 Catacombs counters - what are these?

    • Dread King on his throne
    • Luthor the Hunchback
    • Gunther Laranscheld
    • 3 Tomb Guardians
    • The Grimoire Necris
    • 2 plastic Doorways


    • Lair of the Orc Lord - Adventure Book

    Playing Cards

    • 3 Dungeon cards = DONE
    • 21 event cards = DONE
    • 8 Treasure cards = DONE, Page 3
    • 4 special cards


    • Objective room (gorgut's Lair)
    • Dungeon room (Shamans Den)
    • Corridor (Collapsed passage)

    Markers and counters

    • 1 Fallen Block counter
    • 3 netted counters
    • 2 Pit of Despair counters


    • Orc Lord (Gorgut)
    • Orc Shaman (Skabnoze)
    • 3 Orc Big'Uns
    • Goblin Jester (Gubbinz)
    • Snotling (Bogoff)
    • Squid Hound (Growler)

    White Dwarf addons

    White Dwarf number 185

    • Special room (The Gaol)
    • 1 Dungeon Card = DONE
    • Dungeon Gaol Key card.

    White Dwarf number 187

    • 4 Treasure cards - Done , page 3

    White Dwarf number 189

    • 2 Treasure cards = DONE
    • Treasure map card

    White Dwarf number 190

    • 8 Dark Secret cards

    White Dwarf number 191

    • 2 Treasure cards - Done , page 3

    White Dwarf number 192

    • Special room - Into the Dark
    • 1 Dungeon Card =DONE

    White Dwarf number 193

    • 4 Event Cards = DONE

    White Dwarf number 195

    • Objective room (Quirriks laboratory)
    • dungeon card = DONE
    • 3 Event Cards = DONE

    White Dwarf number 197

    • 4 Event Cards = DONE

    White Dwarf number 201

    • 1 Event Card = DONE

    White Dwarf number 204

    • Special room - Sewer
    • Dungeon Card = DONE
    • 1 Event Card = DONE

    Edited to have a red/amber/green
    colour scheme to help me track what i need to do.
    RED = nothing done/need to find out more.
    AMBER = made a start somewhere or requiring completion.
    GREEN = 100% completed.
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