Hello everyone

I have been away from Warseer for some time, and 40k for longer but intend getting back into it. Returning Blood Angels player from end of fifth the end of sixth edition. Any and all help is appreciated in advance. I ran the Knights of Blood Chapter (please no trolling about them being dead and gone, this pushed me away from a Blood Angles facebook group the evening I joined) and did lists based around:

Dante (I know he is Blood Angles only now)
Jump Pack Librarian x2 (for cover powers)
Jump Pack Sanguinary Priest x2 (for various buffs – have these guys gone index only? Are they legal?)
2 Squads of 5 Sanguinary Guard
4 Squads of 10 tooled up Assault Marines
2 Stormravens with plasma cannons
A Death Company Dreadnought might have been in the list too

As it stands I am finding difficulty putting together a 50 point (1,000 pt, I think) list together. I don’t know what to choose. At first I thought a Batallion Detachment for the CPs but I don’t have any Troops choice in the current iteration of the Blood Angels Dex. I may have a squad of Flesh Tearers at home in the carry case with the KoB. Then again it may be easier to do an Outrider Detachment, no?

50 Power list (7 leftover):
Jump Librarian
4 Squads of 10 Assault Marines with tooled up sergeant and two special weapons.

…. Any thoughts? Not quite sure what to do with the last 7 Power.

Also other units I have:
> Death Company with Jump packs and various weapons I cannot remember
> Other Dreadnoughts x2 or x3 (all normal, I think)
> Gabriel Seth (conversion)
> Flesh Tearer tactical squad

Can’t remember what else I may have… I will have to check.

Other units to include:

I am not looking at adding or spending money on the army til I touch up all the little mistakes on the minis as well as finish painting the Stormravens. However, I am considering the following:

Scout Squads, minimum sized, to bulk out minimum troop slots for formations or detachments
Jump Chaplains

That being said I have a few half finished marine armies I can cannibalise stuff from.

Important note: I do not want to include Primaris marines in this army from a thematic point of view.

Thanks for reading!